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Ian Jones

Ian Wynne Jones, Managing Director of Cairn Consulting Limited is a qualified Chartered Accountant with almost twenty years of post qualification experience within the Financial Services environment.  Ian has spent many of those years in senior management positions.


Initially working as head of fund administration for both closed and open ended funds at John Govett in London, he then moved to Jersey where he took a position at Robert Flemings as Director of Asset Management.

For a period of six years, Ian was Finance Director at Barclays Private Bank in Jersey, where, from a finance perspective, he oversaw each of the banking, fiduciary and investment management functions.  The investment management operation within Barclays included a large global custody business.

Ian held the position of Chief Operating Officer at Deutsche Bank International for two years, where he also acted as one of the executive directors of the various management companies for the Deutsche managed funds.  Ian also acted as head of their Global Custody operations.

Whilst at Deutsche Bank, Ian stimulated the company’s outsourcing initiative to move banking operations to Mauritius where they already had a significant presence.  He also sponsored a project which gave customers the ability to view their custody holdings with market values online, and many other change initiatives designed to improve client service and improve efficiency.

Ian set up Cairn Consulting Limited in January 2009.  In its first two years Cairn has undertaken various large scale projects at a number of international banks.