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Cairn Consulting Limited

A fresh approach


Cairn Consulting Limited is a professional services organisation established to help businesses improve performance by supporting strategy, risk management, finance and change management.

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The consulting arm of Cairn specialises in the provision of financial and strategic leadership, together with project and change management.

Our “Cairn” focus is to be the leading provider of independent consultancy services to both the financial services industry, and to other associated commercial businesses.  In order to achieve this Cairn employs consultants with an established track record within their own fields of expertise.

As an independent business, Cairn is not aligned to specific consultancy models or to particular technology solutions.  It is this independence which allows us to offer objective advice and services individually tailored to meet our client’s requirements.  This allows us to support and reinforce an organisation’s business strategy and overall risk framework.

Based in the Channel Islands, but with established networks in other locations, Cairn aims to service the needs of small and large organisations around the world.